Student Services Newsletters for Parents

Our Platteville High School Counselor, Tischa Busch, works  everyday to provide resources to our students including mental health, student services, and career preparation. She has put together some useful tools for parents as well that can be found in her newsletters. These are for all parents of the Platteville School District to utilize!

Coffee with the Counselors Newsletter - May 13, 2020
Coffee with the Counselors Newsletter - May 20, 2020
Coffee with the Counselors Newsletter - June 23, 2020
Stress Relief & Self Care Newsletter - September 2020
Lunch & Learn with Student Services Newsletter - November 2020
In addition to these, here are some useful student career tools for parents:
Financial Aid/FAFSA/Scholarship Newsletter & Resources
Senior Year Newsletter & Resources

hillmen haltTHE HILLMEN HALT
 What parents who are teaching at home these days may not know   is that many times a day while in a classroom or in working with   small groups or individual students, teachers use many strategies   to take a break, pause the activity, or quiet the noise level. One   Hillmen At Home strategy that could work for your family is the   "Hillmen Halt" - a time that a parent/adult in the home can use in   order to regroup, recharge, or take time to get ready for the next   activity. Teachers use a similar technique as a transition before a   new task many times a day. The type   of "break" may be to quiet   your children down to pep them up to energize for something   coming up next. You should give your children parameters and options for the Hillmen Halt: how much time will the Hillmen Halt be, where is the break/pause going to be for each child, what options do the students have to choose from (read silently, a quiet game, coloring, etc.) or it is just quiet time in a quiet spot. We all need calm from time to time and it is okay to stop school related activities when you (or your students) need it!